Organ and tissue donation is the gift of organs or tissues donated after death to help someone who needs a transplant. Hospital staff are committed to doing everything possible to save lives, and organ and tissue donation is only considered after all attempts to save life have failed.

When people die in intensive care it may be possible for them to donate organs and tissues. Many people have made decisions in their lifetime about donation and it is important for the hospital staff caring for your relative or friend to find out what these wishes are.

To be able to explore if a patient had expressed a wish to donate, hospital staff will always check the organ donor register and ensure that they discuss organ and/or tissue donation with you as the patient’s relatives or friends.

You will be offered the option of discussing organ and/or tissue donation with a donor co-ordinator who will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Multi faith support is available and the staff will be happy to arrange for the appropriate person to be contacted should the patient or relative or friend want to discuss any issue.


There are many groups that exist to help you understand the process at this very difficult time:

Organ Donation UK

NHS Choices

NHS Blood & Transplant