I am the intensive care pharmacist at St Peters hospital. The main part of my job here at St Peters is to provide a dedicated pharmacy service to the unit.

On a typical day I head to the intensive care unit in the morning, so I can review all the medications the patients are receiving before the morning ward round. I also use this time to check what medicines patients may be taking at home as some of these may need to continue. I then join the ward round with the rest of the team for the consultant led morning ward round. Joining this round allows me to highlight any potential issues surrounding current drug therapy, provide advice on planned changes to drug therapy, provide advice on checking blood levels of certain medicines and to ensure that any new medicines started by the consultant are requested in good time from the hospital pharmacy.

After the ward round I then turn my attention to other medicine related issues, such as potential stock shortages, specific questions from the Drs or Nurses, or the security and correct storage of medicines.

In the afternoon I visit the surgical dependency unit (SDU) providing a similar service, reviewing patients drug charts, liaising with Drs and the nurses regarding patients medicines, confirming the medicines patients take at home and organising a supply of any medicines required.

On some days I will also attend multidisciplinary team meetings and other unit meetings where I can highlight general issues surrounding medicines and their safe and effective use.

When I am not physically on the unit I am also contacted via bleep regularly for medicines advice and supply as needed within working hours. However there is also an emergency duty pharmacist who is available to the unit for advice at all times outside these hours.