This is report from an 80-year-old gentleman who spent a total of 68 days on our Intensive Care Unit. When I approached him to write a small statement of his stay on our Unit he was more than delighted as although he does not recall the times when he was at his sickest and required a lot of support, his recall of his rehabilitation prior to discharge to the ward is impeccable and thoroughly appreciative.

"Of the individuals I met on the ITU, the person that stands out the most, I appreciate that it’s unfair on the rest of you, is Ed. Ed somehow quickly established my interest in aviation and my initial career as a navigator in the Air-Force. And he was fascinated by aviation, so I was able to bring in an album I had made for my 60th birthday recording my life for 60 years. This included two pages showing the crash in my aircraft in Germany, wheels up, at night, and survived. Later on I was to have another crash in England, a place called Upwood, Cambridgeshire. Enough of my heroics, needless to say, I survived. And that’s probably a good point to say, it’s the ITU that was the agent for the third survival, because my son only told me about a month ago, how close I was to the final chapter. Quite frightening to hear about it as I was totally unaware of it all, of course."


He went on to state that as the staff got to hear about his past and the photo album, more and more people would pop in to his room to say hello and speak to him about it. He said that this interaction with different people and the interest and attention that was paid to him by staff who were obviously busy but went out of their way to talk to him, was an incredible motivation for him in his path to recovery. He ended his chat with myself, somewhat overcome with the immensity of his illness with gratitude for the treatment he received under our care.

"I’m sure I’m the luckiest fellow in the world. From my families point of view, for the people at the ITU, thank you."