What is howRu?

howRu is a short generic tool for measuring patient-reported outcomes (health status) in terms of how you feel physically and mentally, and how much you can do in terms of loss of function and independence.

The name, howRu, stems from the core question “How are you today?”.  We define today as being the previous 24 hours, to cover patients whose condition changes with the time of day or is worse at night.

The howRu questionnaire has four items:

  • Pain or discomfort, which relates to physical symptoms and comfort-discomfort
  • Feeling low or worried, which relates to emotional symptoms and wellbeing-distress
  • Limited in what you can do, which relates to work, home and leisure activities and capability-disability
  • Require help from others, which relates to lack of autonomy, activities of daily living an independence-dependence.

The Critical Care service at Ashford & St Peter's is piloting a project to use howRu for all patients who have been treated in the ICU and/or HDU following their discharge from hospital. By answering the four simple questions it is hoped that we can track a patients long term recovery and detect any problems early on to offer advice and support. It will form an important element of the patient's rehabilitation to full recovery.

This page is currently being updated so you may notice it changes from time to time. All eligible patients will be notified when the HowRU section is up and running.