The Head of Nursing in the Intensive Care Unit is Roselin Benedict-Felix.BenedictFelixRoselin

The senior nurse who co-ordinates the care in an ICU is known as a Shift Leader. They are called a Sister if female, or a Charge Nurse if male.  Their role is to oversee and co-ordinate the activity of the Intensive Care Unit during each shift, lending advice and support to nurses at the bedside with decision making and in delivering optimal care.  The nurses who look after individual patients' needs are called Staff Nurses. Sometimes there may be Student Nurses on the unit who work under close supervision.

There are over 50 nurses who work within the ICU at St Peter's.  Often our patients require one to one nursing around the clock.  As a result, the Intensive Care Unit has the highest nurse to patient ratio in the hospital.  We regularly review the staffing provision on the Intensive Care Unit to ensure there is always a safe and balanced skill mix for each shift that adequately reflects the dependency of our patients, as set out in national guidelines.


Clinical Practice Educators


The specialist practice educators provide clinical, educational and technical support to for all levels of nursing staff as well as providing tailored study days and programmes designed to meet the developmental needs of the nursing team. Louise Maltby and Louise Kadwell are the clinical practice educators for Critical Care. They are responsible for education, training and practice development within the directorate. All staff members are facilitated and encouraged to participate in reviewing critical care practice and produce evidence based policies and procedures.


Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT)

This team is led by Senior Nurse Specialist Ingrid Johnson.

The CCOT is responsible for helping ward staff identify and manage sick patients outside of the ICU. They also provide a vital follow up service as well as assisting in transfers of critically ill patients. They help to run several educational events for Trust staff.