Ward Clerk


Our Ward Clerk, Elizabeth Wells-Jones, is often the first point of contact when you visit the ICU who will show you where our Relatives Room and facilities are located.


Data Analyst

The unit produces a lot of data which is submitted to various national bodies to enable benchmarking against similar Intensive Care Units across the country. The reports from these bodies are used by senior management to improve our service.

Pip Ashton takes care of all these duties that help the Intensive Care Unit function in line with national guidelines.


Hotel Services Team

We have an internal Team providing a professional, efficient and flexible cleaning and housekeeping service to all Wards and Departments. They are responsible for:

  • Cleaning of all wards, departments and offices,
  • Collection and disposal of all rubbish including clinical waste from local waste bins,
  • Replenishing of all disposable items i.e. soap, towels etc.,
  • Provision of 24-hour emergency cleaning service,
  • Removal and re-hanging of ad-hoc curtains,
  • Grounds cleaning and rubbish removal,
  • Low grade maintenance e.g. changing of ceiling tiles,
  • Cleaning and inspections to be in accordance with NHS Estates standards for Cleaner Hospitals Initiative,
  • Cleaning to comply with Infection Control, Health & Safety directives and cleaning definitions framework,
  • Cleaning to be carried out in a manner, which minimises disruption to the function of the hospital, its patients, staff and visitors.


Chaplaincy Volunteers

During the unit's normal visiting hours from 2.30pm unitl 4.30pm volunteers from the chaplaincy are seated in the foyer of the ICU to help visitors who have come to see their relative on the unit. They will be able to inform you if your relative is on the ICU or maybe on another ward or unit in the Trust. They will also help you with the use of the iPad to find out further information.