When a patient, visitor or member of staff within the hospital collapses or becomes life-threateningly unwell, an emergency call may be sent out via the hospital's pager system to summon the assistance of the Resuscitation Team to give that person immediate, advanced medical attention. This team is made up of a range of medical practitioners with specialist skills and equipment who are specially trained to deal with such emergencies, including:

  • Medical doctors
  • Anaesthetists
  • Intensive Care doctors
  • Critical Care Outreach nurses
  • Resuscitation Officers

All members of our Resuscitation Team are certified by the UK Resuscitation Council to provide Advanced Life Support. Their role is to provide clinical expertise and leadership in emergency situations and work together to deliver the best care possible to that patient, wherever they are in the hospital.  

The hospital also has specialist teams able to respond to Paediatric, Obstetric, Neonatal and Trauma emergencies.